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Are you looking for repairs to be done to your vehicles instrument cluster?
Come in an meet our friendly team, we will be happy to help.

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing on a huge variety of repairs. 

If you are based in the Perth Metro area, we can arrange a collection or delivery to/from your door.

Reasonable Warranty Periods – We offer

between 3 - 12 month warranty on most

of our repairs.

Up to date Equipment – We strive to keep up to date with all the latest equipment and repairs to your instrument clusters

Why Choose Speedline Instruments?

Speedline Instruments have been in the instrument repair industry since 1996,

servicing most automotive instrumentation.

We have adopted an environmental awareness concept. So instead of filling our landfill with defective products, so we  would rather try, by any means possible, to repair, reuse and if all else fails, recycle!

We are a GREENER option, in our growing industry.

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